Vileda Super Twist String Mop Triple Action cleaning



Floors so clean, you’ll twist and shout! Cutting edge features have made the Vileda Super Twist String Mop a consumer favourite to wash and scrub floors without streaking or scratching. This light and agile mop features a non-scratch eraser to make quick work of tough stains, and a microfibre strip that easily removes stubborn and greasy dirt. It also includes Smartfibres flocks for ultimate hair and particle pick-up, and easily releases them on contact with water, leaving the mop head cleaner and fresher. Wring out your SuperTwist Mop with the Vileda Quick Wring Bucket for quick dry-handed wringing.
• Red spot eraser removes the toughest dirt spots without scratching your floors.
• Blue microfibre strip eliminates stubborn and greasy dirt.
• Smartfibres flocks effectively collect hair and particles, and release them easily on contact with water.
• Easy, quick and dry-handed wringing with the Quick Wring bucket.
• Ultra-absorbent strings ideal for reaching deep inside corners.
• Textured handle for better grip.
• Inner strips offer high water absorption.
• Machine washable, easy-to-replace refill.

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