Quality Sun Flower Oil - 3Lt.

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Sunflower oil

Net - 3Lt.

Sunflower oil is beneficial in keeping the body healthy and strong. Sunflower Oil is lighter in taste than most oils and is perceived as better tasting.   It is ideal in cooking, on salads and excellent for frying.  Sunflower oil is nutritious due to its composition. The main component of sunflower oil is linoleic acid.  Other components of the oil are oleic acid, palmitic, acid.  The high content of vitamin E and low content of saturated fats makes it a healthy cooking oil. It is also a good source of source of Omega-6.  The nutritional benefits include the high content of essential fatty acids that the oil contains.  Since there are very low levels of saturated acids present in sunflower oil, it is considered good for the heart. The consumption of large quantities of sunflower oil poses low risk of cardio vascular problems.

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