Khoa - Mawa - 341gm - Nanak

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Khoa / Concentrated Milk Solid

100% Vegetarian

 Net Wt. - 341 g

Milk, dairy product solids, clarified butter, potassium sorbate.

  • Khoa is used in the preparation of Indian confectionery at home.
  • It is an important ingredient for sweet dishes like Pinni, Gulabjamun, Gajar Halwa, Peda, Burfi, Gujia etc.
  • Saves time and effort compared to when starting from scratch.
  • Khoa is a good source of protein and energy.
  • Can be combined with cereals, wheat flour, sugar and flavourings in a number of recipes.
  • Contains fairly large quantities of muscle building proteins, bone forming minerals and energy-giving fat and lactose.

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