Dry coconut whole - Each

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Dry coconut is higher in saturated fat than dairy. It has no cholesterol and is very low in sodium. Dry coconut is high in manganese which researchers say is beneficial for healthy skin and bones and helps maintain good blood sugar levels.Dry coconut can be cut into cubes, sliced or grated and added to a number of both savory and sweet dishes. In India, Dry coconut is used to make Khopra Pak a baked treat made with saffron and milk. Cut the copra away from the hard kernel and remove any remnants before using. Blend shredded Dry coconut with hot water, place pulp into a cheesecloth over a bowl and squeeze the liquid out for homemade coconut milk. Grated Dry coconut can be used as a garnish or added to cookie or cake recipes; add to curries or salads. Dry coconut has a longer shelf life than fresh coconut and can be bagged and refrigerated for up to six months.

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